Signed up for the Pandamoon Publishing Newsletter yet? + Book Tour News

Pandamoon recently launched a super-cute newsletter called Club Panda. Please consider subscribing for articles from all the pandas plus PP news. For example, did you know we’re looking for ARC reviewers for The Juliet, which releases next month.

In other news, I have a few readings coming up, and I’m just so humbled to be welcomed to stores, classes, and reading series on such short notice. Traditionally, events need to be scheduled several months ahead of time, but I’ve already got one hell of a launch week set up, plus appearances scheduled well into Fall. Those are all mostly local (details soon), but if my experience touring with Death Wishing is any indicator, the local events preceded my best spikes in sales. DC/Baltimore/NoVa is a readers’ island, and I’m lucky to be here at this point in my career.

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