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The Juliet Blog Tour So Far

Hi all,
Yesterday was Day 1 of #TheJuletBlogTour, coordinated by Lori Hettler of The Next Best Book Blog fame. The first stop was at A Lovely Bookshelf, where I recommended a handful of crime novels set in the West, including works by Betty Webb, Nevada Barr, BK Loren, Laura Pritchett, and Carol O’Connell.

Then there was a surprise stop at A Critical Flame, where my long conversation with the wildly talented Amber Sparks was posted–we had a long ranging craft chat in May as part of CF’s Conversations series.

Today you can take a peek at my writing spaces (in VA and WV) at A Literary Vacation, and later in the day there should be a longer post about my evolving writing process over at Lectito.

Wowza, I can hardly keep up.

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Great Review for The Juliet; New FB Page; Big Week Ahead

Hi all–the old MacBook Pro up and died, so I went out and got one of those lovely new MacBooks–rose gold, 2 pounder. It came with an educator’s discount plus a pair of Beats headphones for free, so I’m having fun.

Jen Michalski posted a fantastic review of The Juliet up at her lit zine, JMWW. I love this bit:

Scott is at her best when she opens the doors of the institution and lets her crazies sprint out of the gate. No one is spared: semi-incestuous adult male twins (who in Scott’s late Victorian era are the equivalent of Steampunk bronys), 1970s rock star groupies, desert meth lab kingpins, turn-of-the century Gold Rush enthusiasts, Avon decanter collectors, and every half-screwed mayonnaise jar of schemer in between.

Jen’s own novel, The Tide King, was a big influence on The Juliet, so to see her kind words is very rewarding.

My Facebook Author page seems to be humming along, with more the 100 likes already. I was skeptical about an Author page separate from my personal page, but so far it has been super fun. I already over-do FB, so it’s nice to have another place to post stupid pics like this one:


That’s BooBooKitty. She’s horrible. She’s sitting on my new pink office chair (goes with the new laptop).

Finally, another heads up about the blog tour which launches TOMORROW. I’m so excited. I think this is the schedule:

Lovely Bookshelf 7/11/2016
Lectito 7/12/2016
A Literary Vacation 7/12/2016
Rainbow of Books 7/13/2016
Alternating Current 7/13/2016
Historical Fiction Excerpts 7/14/2016
The Book Wheel 7/14/2016
Grab the Lapels 7/15/2016
History from a Woman’s Perspective 7/15/2016

Cheers! Have a peaceful Sunday–


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Upcoming Events: Readings, Bloggings, and Thongs

Oh gosh, where to start?

Monday, June 13 I’ll be in Baltimore for the Ivy Bookstore’s Starts Here! Reading series hosted by the always delightful Jen Michalski, I’ll be reading with a stellar line up featuring Art Taylor, Tara Laskowski, Sherrie Flick, and Paula Whyman. 7pm at Artifact Coffee.


Saturday, June 18 I’ll be at Loudoun Co Library’s first Eat Local Read Local festival, which runs 11-4. I’ll have a table inside Cascade Library where I’ll be signing/selling books, and later in the afternoon I’ll give a short reading. Cool poster:

Eat Local Read Local Flier

Right now I’m quite busy preparing materials for my upcoming blog tour, which will take place  July 11-15. The tour is being arranged by TNBBC’s Lori Hettler, and I’m really excited by what she’s put together.

Also in the near future–there will be some social media changes in my life, including the launch of an author page on Facebook. I’ve resisted doing this for a while, but the time has come, especially since I’m doing so much promotion with Pandamoon Publishing. I’m sure my friends will be grateful for the relief in their feeds!

Finally, the marketing manager is playing with putting The Juliet art on items in the Cafe Press store. I can’t wait to show you what The Juliet underpants look like.

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Staycation2016: Day Four (Top Secret Stuff plus Free Book Giveaway)

Well I did some writing today, but the big event was that today was the second giveaway event for the Kindle version of The Juliet. There are still a couple of hours to go, and we’re at the #10 spot in Historical Fiction>Mystery, Thriller, Suspense.  We started the day strong too, owing to the tireless efforts of Pandamoon Publishing’s publicist/authors, Elgon Williams and Christine Gabriel.

Elgon and I had a hoot of a conversation on Twitter about pinball, no less, and we came up with two TOP secrets about our writing–

one–I write pinball games that masquerade as novels.

two–Elgon thinks fantasy works best if there are no coincidences.

This stuff is gold, people.

In other news, I may be going stir crazy. I spent a lot of time on google street view today, clicking my way down Beach Access Road. Soon, Chincoteague, soon.

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Staycation 2016: Day Three

Good day, good day. My work email seems to have slowed to a stop, thanks to the “artisanal advising” provided by my BRILLIANT assistant Michael, who is covering for me while I’m on vacation. go check out his movie review site Bad Shakespeare.  It’s in development, evolving from his original blog, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be BIG. Michael Bennett Hock is a renaissance man who does it all. His latest project is story work on freaking OPERA called “Do Not Disturb,” which will have a DC run in July.

I did write today, I swear. And it was fun.

Tomorrow will be another free day for the Kindle version of The Juliet. The May 10 free day was a delightful success, so I feel like anything that happens tomorrow is gravy. I did get a couple of family and friend types who wrote me to say, “No way, I’m BUYING my copy.” Which is hugely sweet, but I don’t need money from my loved ones, I need money from STRANGERS.  When you DL a free copy you boost the profile of the book, especially in terms of the amazon algorithm, and that’s very valuable down the line. In short, GET YOUR DAMN FREE BOOK AUNT DIANA.

Love y’all–LES



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Wild Ride! Yesterday’s Giveaway, Ghost Town Fun, and a SWEET Review

Not sure there’s a better word for it, but Yeehaw. Yesterday was the Kindle giveaway for The Juliet, and it was a huge success, especially as the book grabbed the #1 spot in Historical Fiction >Mystery, Thriller & Suspense and did not let go for quite a while. It hit #240 in overall ebooks, and today it’s climbing steady at $5.99. As I write this, paying customers have sent The Juliet to #150 in Historical Fiction >Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, and we cracked the 20k barrier in overall ranking, which my publisher says puts the book in the top .6% of all ebooks. Full disclosure: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION, LOL.

So obviously, the free day was effective, but only because of the support of Pandamoon’s Promotion Team and my lovely friends, who social-mediaed the hell out the book. Special Thank You to Panda Sister, Penni Jones, who posted a terrific review of The Juliet that gives a great sense of the book’s twists and turns.  Also thanks to the Rude Pundit, who in comparing me to a “Stoner Dickens,” may have introduced me to a whole new audience of potty-mouthed ranters of the highest quality.

Finally, this neat little article showed up in my FB feed today. It’s about Rhyolite, Nevada, the ghost town that was the inspiration for The Juliet’s fictional ghost town of Centenary.

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Download The Juliet for FREE Tuesday May 10

No sooner have I sent off the Goodreads giveaway copies of The Juliet, does my publisher decide to offer a free day for the kindle version! Get yours here and enjoy!

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The Juliet takes the Page 69 Test at The Next Best Book Club

Very excited to have been offered the chance to take the Page 69 test over at the blog for TNBBC. The funny part is, my bookmark was already at page 69 in the copy of the book I use when I give readings, so it felt very natural to talk about it.

The Next Best Book Club champions indie lit, and has been doing so since 2009. Go poke around the site and join the club group on Goodreads, while you’re at it.

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The Origins of The Juliet at JMWW and Conversations and Connections

The endlessly generous and talented Jen Michalski invited me to write a post for JMWW’s recently relaunched “Origins” series in which authors talk about the seeds of ideas and inspirations that grew into their books. You can read my Origins post here. In the post I ramble on about Mom’s influence on the book, as well as the original research I did, and how I manipulated it.

In other news I finished (I hope!) a long-ish short story called “Artie & The Angels,” which is about what happens when a young woman who inherits a house on the Bayou Teche suspects that there’s a man inside a refrigerator that’s been dumped in the waters behind her new home.

This weekend brings Conversations and Connections, a one day conference with practical advice on writing that is just about sold out. See? only 1 ticket left!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.53.24 PM

I’ll be serving on a panel with my dear friends and fellow novelists, Steve Himmer and Art Taylor. The panel is called, “The Art of Creating Imagined Spaces Inside Real Places,” and here’s the description:

Three novelists—Steve Himmer, Laura Ellen Scott, and Art Taylor—talk about the techniques and risks of inventing non-existent locales and integrating them into real settings. What does authenticity mean when you manipulate known places in fiction, and how does “world-building” happen? And in this context where do invention and cultural appropriation intersect?

This year C&C is starting at it’s new home, George Mason University. The event on Saturday will be out at the Arlington Campus–where the law school is housed. Yes, THAT law school. We’ll do our best to dispel any bad mojo while we’re out there. Should be fun!

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Goodreads Giveaway:10 signed copies of The Juliet! Plus Laura’s Weird Day

The good news is that the Goodreads Giveaway for The Juliet launches today, and it’s going strong. I’ll be giving away 10 signed copies when the giveaway ends on May 2.

The weird news is that a Pileated Woodpecker dove into our car on the way to the cabin today–this was after we’d accidentally driven over a skunk carcass. Not sure if these are omens or just natural rites of spring, but when I got back online I discovered that Amazon has included a bacon recipe book among my titles:
Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.55.13 PM

Apparently it can take up to 3 days to get a book removed from your amazon bibliography, so in the meantime I’ll be contemplating what this could mean for may “brand.”

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