Getting Real! The First Necklaces Have Arrived (thanks, mom!)

Back in 2011 when my debut novel, Death Wishing was published, my mom made me dozens of beautiful necklaces so that I would never have to wear the same one twice for my book tour. This year, because The Juliet is about a cursed emerald, she’s focusing on making green necklaces for my readings–actual emeralds would be rather costly–and the first two have arrived. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Here’s a portion of the necklaces she made in 2011, with cat assist.


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One thought on “Getting Real! The First Necklaces Have Arrived (thanks, mom!)

  1. Zara Kramer says:

    Those necklaces are gorgeous. Is your mother a professional designer? If not, perhaps she should at least consider an Etsy store.

    I’m with your cat. I think she is having a hard time choosing which one she likes the best. I will admit I am a pearl girl, but the green one for your new book is simply stunning.

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