My Multi-Book Deal with Pandamoon Publishing!

From the official press release:

Pandamoon Publishing Acquires Author Laura Ellen Scott’s Series, the New Royal Mysteries, in a Multi-Book Deal

Austin, TX – 02/03/2016 – Pandamoon Publishing is pleased to announce that Laura Ellen Scott has signed a multi-book deal with Pandamoon Publishing for her exciting new series, the New Royal Mysteries. The first book is entitled The Mean Bone in Her Body and is scheduled for a Winter 2016 release. “The series is set in a fictional college/prison town and centers on Elizabeth Murgatroyd, a professor in New Royal University’s Crime Writing Program and her most successful, yet unstable, student Jeaneane Lewis. Shortly after beginning her studies, Lewis discovers a murdered military widow and her two small children in a backyard garden pond. When Jeaneane writes about the crime, she exposes the college town’s darkest secrets, but it’s a one-night stand with the killer that leads Murgatroyd to the truth of what really happened in that backyard and inside Jeaneane’s broken mind,” stated Zara Kramer, Publisher of Pandamoon Publishing.

“Scott’s incredible knack for mystery and suspense writing is kicked into high gear as she masterfully executes this intriguing story with grim, unexpected jolts of suspense in each book of the New Royal Mysteries. This is not your Mama’s cozy mystery, that’s for sure,” Kramer added. “The Mean Bone in Her Body series is a wonderful addition to Pandamoon’s growing catalog of Mystery/Thriller/Suspense novels, including Laura’s own novel The Juliet, slated for release March 22, 2016 and A Tree Born Crooked by Steph Post.

Laura Ellen Scott teaches creative writing in the English Department at George Mason University, in Fairfax Virginia. Her debut novel, Death Wishing, a comic fantasy set in post-Katrina New Orleans was released in 2011. She has published several short stories with Pank, Ploughshares, Smokelong Quarterly, and The Collagist, and currently serves as a reader for the Wigleaf Top 50.

Pandamoon Publishing focuses on publishing quality and unique fiction works and distributes them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Ingram, as well as other book distributors and bookstores worldwide, including Powell’s and Books-A-Million. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Pandamoon Publishing is dedicated to growing good ideas into great reads…one book at a time. Review copies of our books are available to journalists and qualified reviewers through our media contact. Learn more at

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