Death Wishing is my novel about what might happen if dying wishes start to come true. In the book cancer is eliminated, the clouds have turned orange over New Orleans, and the 1968 Elvis has returned, among other things. So what do you think you would wish for? How would you change the world or even just a sliver of it? The only catch is that you’d have to die first.

If you are interested in contributing a wish to this blog, let me know. Send your wish by email to lscott18 at verizon dot net with the subject line: My Wish. Add a brief biographical note please. If your wish doesn’t totally creep me out and doesn’t need much editing, I’ll post it for the world to judge. We’ll do the twitter thing, too.

Oh, and just assume that by contributing you are probably entering a book-giveaway contest. My publishers are already talking about donating ten copies to help get the word out.

Credit where credit is due: the visionary Erin Fitzgerald came up with the core idea for this venture, and the intrepid Steve Himmer called the play. Thanks for giving me something else to do.

You can find me here and here.


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  1. Miss Ronni KameKona says:

    Hello Laura; I attended your “Seattle,” reading at 7p.m. located in the Reading Room of Elliott Bay Book company, 1521 10th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122. 800.962.5311, http://www.elliottbaybook.com

    I the participant who mentioned my FALL 2011; Fiction II; ENGL 168, writing class at Everett Community College Class with Professor Kevin Craft. As part of our grade; we must attend a live reading this quarter that we select. I’m pleased to have attended your reading! I learned some valuable perspectives to meet and hear you read, hear your answers to my (and other people’s questions) and to hear your thoughts about writing workshops, and especially I appreciated your comments reference writing about “Character Action,” I forget your ‘exact wording,’ but I remember the overarching meanings you made.

    I did a speed-read at this point, and enjoyed your book: Death Wishing, very much! I did a fast read because of the time constraint to submit my academic report about your book for my class assignment, however, I am so looking forward to Christmas Break which will allow me the time to do a “close read,” armed with the new academic knowledge I’ve learned through my writing class at EvCC this quarter.

    My MAIN Death Wishing contribution includes a desire that “all people in the world would learn and understand Einstein’s quantum physics theory.”

    My two additional wishes are; first, that all human beings would become interested in viewing life from more than “one” standpoint and become “wide marginal thinkers.”

    Second, that the answers behind how many other living and intelligent beings their are on other planets in the vast universes would become widely known and understood “world wide.”

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