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Wishes #42-59? A Pank contest

Over at the Pank blog, Ethel Rohan reviewed Death Wishing and also offered 4 books (incl DW) as a giveaway for the best Death Wish posted in the comments. I won’t say which wish I picked, but seeing as how there are about 17 new wishes posted there, I think I can go ahead and do the giveaway associated with this blog. More on that soon.

As you may have noticed, not a lot of updates here. Most of my news is being posted over at I know. I’m a fickle blogger.

Wish News: There Will Be Words Video

This video comes from the There Will be Words reading I did in Orlando in December where I stitched together several of The Elvis passages, so it’s a bit spoiler-y. I can’t bear to watch it all the way through yet, but speaking of Elvis, I seem to be doing a bit of Elvis Costello toe-pointing.

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Wish News: Readings in February and March, 2012

January will be slow, book-wise, but February and March are heating up.

February 3, 8pm: Boston!
The Dire Literary Series
Apparently, this one can be a bit wild -n- woolly. We’re looking forward to a train ride.

February 26, 2pm: Bethesda, MD!
Open Door Reading with Matt Norman
at The Writer’s Center

March 1, 7pm: Chicago!
Convocation in Chicago
An AWP offsite hosted by Pank, Annalemma, & Mud Luscious.
21 readers . . .cripes.

March 17, 7pm: Salisbury, MD!
Echoes and Visions Reading Series, Wor-Wic Community College

March 22, Lafayette, LA!
Thursday Night Reading Series (ULL affiliated)

March 23, New Orleans!
Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival
Panel: “Women to Watch,” with Jessmyn Ward, Ellen Baker, and Jessica Maria Tuccelli

Wish #41: John Bartelloni

Whenever a brittle, yet brilliant high school English teacher bullies a Golden Girl beloved by her peers, my wish is that a young man to whom this classmate is very important will confront her tormentor by saying, “Leave her alone, Sister. She has done absolutely nothing to merit this treatment.”

I make this wish that those who can be protectors from bullies summon the courage to shield the gentle and less strong because many years ago I failed to come to the aid of someone who was and remains very dear to me.

She’s still the Golden Girl to those who knew and loved her.

John Alexander Bartelloni is a Virginia Tech graduate with a degree in economics (1975) who finally listened to that nagging voice deep within his soul and matriculated at George Mason University three years ago to pursue a B.A. in English. A senior in more ways than one his first day on campus, he’s been humbled and grown as a result. In the spring of 2011 he completed radiation therapy for prostate cancer; hormone injections continue.

Every day is a gift.

Wish News: Death Wishing makes DC Spotlight’s “Books to Know” list

Happy New Year! Looks like Death Wishing is still partying, hanging out with the likes of Jessmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones and Stephen King’s 11/26/63 on DC Spotlight’s Top 10 Books to Know for January 2012. Check it out, check it out.

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Wish #40: Michelle Reale

My death wish would for everyone to realize that we have time, in life, but not an ocean of time. Don’t put things off until some time in the future. The future, really doesn’t exist. There is only now. Appreciate life for the gift that it is and use that gift wisely.  Show others how to use theirs, too.

Michelle writes, listens to a lot of music and kind of lives in her own head most of the time. Her latest book is If All They Had Were Their Bodies, from Burning River.

Wish #39: Lauren Becker

My wish is that we remember the very best moment or day or event of our lives and die smiling.

Lauren is tall and writes stuff sometimes.

Wish # 38: Myfanwy Collins

I wish we would all stay just as we are this very moment and never be ill and never be weak and never die. Basically, my childhood wish remains the same. I would lie in bed and wish that my parents would never die and that they would never leave me. But they are dead now and have been for some time. Now I am the parent and yet my wish remains the same: that we stay as we are: safe and loved and protected. But someday I will die and when that happens years and years and years from now, I wish that I would be my son’s Jiminy Cricket, there when he needs me to remind him of what is good in the world, of what is beautiful, and what is right.
Myfanwy Collins lives and writes in Byfield, MA. Her novel ECHOLOCATION  is forthcoming in March 2012. Please visit her author website.

Wish #37: D.H. Cermeño

My wish is that my novel, Rising Sunsets, continues to give readers a feeling of optimism in order to overcome any obstacles they may face.

A third generation Florida native, D.H. Cermeño worked in Japan as an English teacher after graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans. Upon returning to the United States, he earned his M.B.A. from Crummer Graduate School at Rollins College. D.H. has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Central America and especially loves visiting his extended family in the northern part of Spain. Rising Sunsets, his first book, recently won a Silver Medal in the Florida Publisher’s Association’s 2011 Book Award competition.  For more information, please visit

Wish News: Vegetable Elvis

The crowd outside started a little “”come out, come out” chant that went strong for a while and then faded before it transformed into a song. They sang “Heartbreak Hotel.” Well damn. He kind of liked that.