10 things that are in your book?

What if we replaced the jacket copy with a list of STUFF in the book? That’s what I want to see. And the stuff doesn’t have to play a major part, but it does need to make you curious. So if I did a list for The Juliet, it would go:

1. cursed emerald

2. mystery house

3. insane twins

4. Death Valley

5. wild flowers

6. christmas orgy

7. ghost town

8. rock star

9. cowboy actor

10. false grave

If I did it for Death Wishing:

1. cats

2. Elvis

3. orange clouds

4. New Orleans

5. capes

6. bottomless coffee

7. butter shrimp

8. wish phantoms

9. third eye

10. rats

I did that really fast and am now over-thinking it. I’ll try this out with a couple of my friends, maybe post the results here from time to time. I’ll probably come up with cheesy feature name.


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