A Prediction for 2015

Indie writers will start asking / hearing this question more often: “Who is your publisher?”

Maybe I’m slow to see this (and I have had a cider on this New Year’s Eve), but a few of my friends and I are expecting a wonderful 2015–not just because our books are under contract but because our publishers appear to want more from us. As in, future books. Books that don’t even exist as pitches yet. The publishing model seems to be shifting again, and if you write for readers it’s an interesting time. This is sort of magical. I’m drinking the kool-aid double fisted. Think of it–what if your publisher believed in you and all you had to do was write something great.

In other New Year’s news, my resolution is modest and doable: to get better at Warrior Two pose.

And here’s us, tonight:


Love you all. It’s been a tough/great/shitty/glorious year. I wish my brother was still here. I wish he had been given more time to feel okay.


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