Wish # 17: Tara Laskowski

I have two because I’m selfish like that. One is that when I die, I wish for everyone who tosses their stupid cigarette butts out of the windows of their cars or flicks them into the grass to get a nice ashy burn somewhere on their body that never washes off. But that’s also a mean wish, so my other nicer wish is that I would wish that no one would ever be able to wish away kitties because they always deserve to exist.

Tara Laskowski is a prize winning short story writer who won’t let you see her novel draft. Look for new stories upcoming in the Barrelhouse Crime issue as well as Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash Fiction. She’s senior editor of  Smokelong Quarterly and its a good bet that she 1) gets too hungry for dinner at eight, and 2) never bothers with people she hates.


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