Wish # 16: Dayneé Rosales

I like to think that my dying wish would be something practical… it would go something like, I wish women’s clothing had more pockets, or, I wish women didn’t have to carry a purse everywhere they went. These two kinda go together. It is of my opinion that the fashion industry is evil and conspiring against us. By not providing women with pockets we are forced to carry a bag full of junk we don’t really need, and spend money on said bag (full of junk we don’t really need). It also makes us dependent on an object that takes up space and hurts our shoulders. Purses are unpleasant things.

Realistically speaking, I doubt I’d be coherent enough to make a death wish. I would be too preoccupied with myself and my death to care too much about the rest of the world, but who knows? Maybe I’d wish for world peace (vague- nice?), or for 256 days of -21 degree weather in the state of Texas (specific- vindictive).

Dayneé (die-nay) Rosales is a senior at George Mason University. She enjoys sleeping, hiking, reading and writing. She aspires to move to Alaska after graduation to work as a radio DJ and keep at pet penguin, or a polar bear. Whichever is the one that lives in the north pole.


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