holy moly, #pitmad is tomorrow, June 4

As I’ve mentioned before, Pandamoon Publishing (the folks who will be putting out my next novel, and with luck, my next-next novel) are big fans of #pitmad and its offshoots. In an eyeopening post on her newly launched blog, P’moon CEO Zara Kramer offers some tips for participating in Twitter Pitch Party Season:

7 Questions to Ask to Know if You’re Ready for #Pitmad: The Twitter Pitch Party

While Zara’s #MSWL is eclectic, I want to point you to an earlier post in which she amplifies her interest in seeing pitches for novels grounded in American History and the West:

My Manuscript Wishlist (#MSWL) for This Week: American History . . . The Wild, Wild, West, Please! 

Though she tagged that as her wish for the week of May 21, I know this is an ongoing interest, and when I read pitches for last March’s #Pitmad, I was surprised that there weren’t more titles in this category.



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