Wish #36: Brian Moll

My wish is simple. In fact, that it may appear at first blush to be a wasted wish. Like when you’re at this upscale Asian restaurant that serves the best duck noodle soup in the world, and instead of ordering that, or the Chicken Lo Mein or the Hunan Pork, to the disbelief of all your friends and the waitstaff who don’t even speak more than a dozen words of English outside of what is on the menu, you order a cheeseburger. My wish when I die is that the people of earth finally develop a sense of humor. And not this tragic delusion of a sense of humor that most of the world seems to share (i.e. Dane Cook is a comedian, and the things Congress does are so serious), either.

Brian Moll is the co-editor and co-founder of Kindling, a new literary magazine based in DC. He also writes things, and dabbles in poetry when he’s feeling moody.


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