Wish News: Death Wishing Kindle version is free right now

Thank you so much for your patient support.

Grab it while you can because who knows what will happen?


7 thoughts on “Wish News: Death Wishing Kindle version is free right now

  1. A.M. Donovan says:

    Thank you for getting this fixed!

  2. Tony Wilson says:

    Pity you/your publisher chose not to offer the kindling to Africa (and others). Often this is oversight or misunderstanding. Hope you’re not just mean 😉 Anyway it reached 11 in the free charts (that I noticed) – well done

  3. I’ll ask my publisher about this–It’s an experiment, both for me and the publisher, so there is much I don’t know about how the process works or what’s possible.

  4. Tony Wilson says:

    Thanks. Because of local/global rights issues ebooks are often (un)intentionally blocked to netherlanders. As a bonus Amazon charges non US/UK buyers $2 extra per ebook. Darkest Africa exists 🙂 You can experience by signing out on Amazon. A drop box then allows you to select region to show availability and prices. (I’m soduktile on twitter if you need to nudge for more info)

  5. Tony Wilson says:

    Thank you and your publisher for the prompt action. Happily free’d my kindling a few minutes ago.

  6. Tony Wilson says:

    They seem to have done a nice job with the formatting – active TOC, cover aspect ratio correct, legalese at end, etc. I’d keep them. It bounced back from 29 to 27 so a few others have noticed. ( I use eReaderIQ.com to get notice of new free/reduced price books)

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