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The Creeps: Curio



If you want to read some weird/spooky stuff or you just want to know how it feels to grow up in Ohio, may I suggest the above? This is the pdf of my free chapbook put out by Uncanny Valley Press, with illustrations by Mike Meginnis. The online version is here. You can also download the ebook at Goodreads.

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Talking About Curio at jmww

Elizabeth Buchananchats with me about my collection of short fiction, Curio:


“Laura Ellen Scott’s first book, Curio (uncanny valley press, January 2011), is a weaving together of cold nights and mountain men, cashiers and predators, people who watch from windows and strangers who sit down in other people’s cars. Winter farm houses and harvest moons, neighbors suspiciously like demons, and ax men all make shadowy appearances in this forty-four page, twenty-one story collection (available online as an e-pub at goodreads.com or for a tweet or facebook post) set in the isolated woods of Appalachia.”-eb

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