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“A Picture of a Man in a Top Hat” a Fiction Finalist for Best of the Net 2014

The Curatorillustration by mike meginnis

So I learned early this week that my story, “A Picture of a Man in a Top Hat” from The Collagist was listed as a finalist for Sundress Publications Best of the Net 2014 Anthology.  I’m delighted of course, and I want to thank judge Lily Hoang and the whole team of readers for shining new light on my work.

The story ends with the word “shitless.”


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Interview on The Collagist Blog Site

Well this interview was fun, but HARD. William Hoffacker doesn’t let me get away with much, eh?

Also, lookee here. A prose chapbook contest. Deadline July 15, judged by Gabriel Blackwell. VERY TEMPTING.

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“A Picture Of A Man In A Top Hat”–New Story up at The Collagist #52

ImageSuper-duper happy to have made The Collagist with my story “A Picture of A Man in a Top Hat.” This is another paranoid and cranky ghostie. The title comes from the story of the ghost boy appearing in shots of Three Men and A Baby–


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Death Wishing Reviewed in The Collagist

So thrilled to see a review of Death Wishing in The Collagist this month by Marshall Yarbrough. Yarbrough says wonderful things like, “Scott pulls off wonders with her novel’s twisted scenarios. They are funhouse mirrors, warped enough to hold our attention but not so distorted that we don’t fail to recognize ourselves.” He also writes about the relationship between the extraordinary and the ordinary is a major theme of the novel, and that’s quite true, but it got me to thinking how that theme asserted itself organically while I was writing. Does anyone plan these things?

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