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Upcoming Events: Readings, Bloggings, and Thongs

Oh gosh, where to start?

Monday, June 13 I’ll be in Baltimore for the Ivy Bookstore’s Starts Here! Reading series hosted by the always delightful Jen Michalski, I’ll be reading with a stellar line up featuring Art Taylor, Tara Laskowski, Sherrie Flick, and Paula Whyman. 7pm at Artifact Coffee.


Saturday, June 18 I’ll be at Loudoun Co Library’s first Eat Local Read Local festival, which runs 11-4. I’ll have a table inside Cascade Library where I’ll be signing/selling books, and later in the afternoon I’ll give a short reading. Cool poster:

Eat Local Read Local Flier

Right now I’m quite busy preparing materials for my upcoming blog tour, which will take place  July 11-15. The tour is being arranged by TNBBC’s Lori Hettler, and I’m really excited by what she’s put together.

Also in the near future–there will be some social media changes in my life, including the launch of an author page on Facebook. I’ve resisted doing this for a while, but the time has come, especially since I’m doing so much promotion with Pandamoon Publishing. I’m sure my friends will be grateful for the relief in their feeds!

Finally, the marketing manager is playing with putting The Juliet art on items in the Cafe Press store. I can’t wait to show you what The Juliet underpants look like.

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Staycation 2016: Day Two

The subject is outlines. I love the idea of a novel outline,and I swear I try–I really try–to develop a long range plan for my novels, but what happened to me is what always happens. I put four or five scene ideas down, and then I get too excited. Right now I’m in the weeds with an opening scene that should be simple but refuses to obey. Plus I did a little work on my guy-in-the-refrigerator story and started a weird little flash about a woman who finds a pumpkin in the street that she likes wayyy too much.

The rain has returned, so that works in the writing’s favor, though it depresses the dogs and the husband. I’ll need to make it up to them somehow.

Other items on my to-do list this week:

Write a blurb for Jesse Bradley’s stunner, The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective Seriously, this is a really unexpected and exciting piece of literature–very sharp, very surprising, very rewarding.

Moderate a panel of She Writes authors on their Spring Book Tour at One More Page Books & More. That should be fascinating, as She writes is being very creative in how they develop writers and their books.

Introduce Tara Laskowski at the Santa Fe Writers Project Book Launch Party where she will be reading from Bystanders. I’m really looking forward to this launch–it will be a catered event at a gallery, where they are expecting possibly 100 attendees. Andrew Gifford said I could plop some copies of The Juliet on the sales table, too. I wonder if there’s any way I can sneak some of the Laskowski/Taylor stuff from the novel into my intro, lol. Those are the names of two Hollywood cops from the 50s who turn into cat burglars under the influence of The Juliet’s curse.

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Tomorrow! I’ll be reading at Kramerbooks with a lot of other Dames

So this is happening tomorrow night, and there’s a real possibility of poor weather (ice and snow). There’s also the possibility that I’ll be the substitute emcee. I don’t think I’ve ever hosted on this scale before, so I’m pretty excited/freaked out. As you can see, there is real marquee talent on the bill, so I’m thrilled to participate along with my good pals, Tara Laskowski and Amber Sparks.

I’ll be reading from my forthcoming novel, The Juliet, due out from Pandamoon Publishing sometime this year (fingers crossed). Since the novel covers a timeline of about 100 years or so, I’ll read two snippets: one set in the winter of 1907 in New York and another set in 2005 Death Valley, during the great wildflower bloom.

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Last Saturday, April 5, was the day of Conversations and Connections in DC. C & C is a one day writers’ conference with a minimum level of bullshit–no one there trying to pitch the one size fits all platform, etc. I directed a panel on the how and why of the Flash Novella, with guests Erin Fitzgerald and Tara Laskowski, and it was very well attended. I got a little overexcited, and when I handed out a prompt list (15 sections in 15 weeks), I promised everyone in the room that if they tried the FN and sent me their draft in August, I would read it or find someone else who would. Wonder if anyone will take me up on that . . .

I attended the crime writing panel–low turn out for that one because it was up against a “what editors want” session–and I’m really glad I did. Nick Korpon, Art Taylor, Steve Weddle, and Tara Laskowski had a great conversation about the state of crime fiction, confirming some of my own experiences. I’m finding writing with the knowledge that I am operating firmly within the genre is delightful. And natural, dammit.  Hot tip from the panel: agents troll crime mags to find new clients. That there is news you can use.

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Waterbear Reading Series Debut at One More Page Books

An Tran is launching a suburban experiment: The Waterbear Reading Series at One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia. I’ll be reading at the debut event–June 29, Saturday, 6pm– with my good friend Tara Laskowski and my new friend Michael Beeman.  OMP is a rare and lovely venue; not only do they sell books, but you can pick up some great wine and chocolate while you’re at it. Oh, and what else do they have that DC readings don’t? DECENT PARKING.

The Waterbear Series debut comes recommended by The Washington City Paper and renowned poet Buck Downs, writing for The Pinkline Project.

The feature image is of me and Richard Peabody that is featured in the bathroom gallery of One More Page. Here’s what the joint looks like:


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Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons

October is usually Tara Laskowski Month, partly because her birthday falls on Halloween, a time of year everyone seems up for a lot of partying, probably to build up strength for the family time at the end of the year. Tara is the senior editor over at Smokelong Quarterly, and she and I work at the same university. This year, there’s extra Tara attention because her first book, the hilarious and wicked Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons has been released by Matter Press. Full of biting little mock essays about coping with one’s own dark weaknesses, Manners is a satire of self-help books, and you are going to love it. The delightful cover art is by Brandon Wicks. A book release party will be held at One More Page Books in Arlington, VA, Saturday October 27 at 5pm. OMP is a great store that also sells chocolate and wine. Come on out!

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Interview at Art & Literature

In late October 2011 Tara Laskowski talked to me about New Orleans, Death Wishing, Elvis, and criticism for Art & Literature, the literary blog of Raleigh’s Metro Magazine.

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