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Staycation 2016: Day Two

The subject is outlines. I love the idea of a novel outline,and I swear I try–I really try–to develop a long range plan for my novels, but what happened to me is what always happens. I put four or five scene ideas down, and then I get too excited. Right now I’m in the weeds with an opening scene that should be simple but refuses to obey. Plus I did a little work on my guy-in-the-refrigerator story and started a weird little flash about a woman who finds a pumpkin in the street that she likes wayyy too much.

The rain has returned, so that works in the writing’s favor, though it depresses the dogs and the husband. I’ll need to make it up to them somehow.

Other items on my to-do list this week:

Write a blurb for Jesse Bradley’s stunner, The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective Seriously, this is a really unexpected and exciting piece of literature–very sharp, very surprising, very rewarding.

Moderate a panel of She Writes authors on their Spring Book Tour at One More Page Books & More. That should be fascinating, as She writes is being very creative in how they develop writers and their books.

Introduce Tara Laskowski at the Santa Fe Writers Project Book Launch Party where she will be reading from Bystanders. I’m really looking forward to this launch–it will be a catered event at a gallery, where they are expecting possibly 100 attendees. Andrew Gifford said I could plop some copies of The Juliet on the sales table, too. I wonder if there’s any way I can sneak some of the Laskowski/Taylor stuff from the novel into my intro, lol. Those are the names of two Hollywood cops from the 50s who turn into cat burglars under the influence of The Juliet’s curse.

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