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The Creeps: Curio



If you want to read some weird/spooky stuff or you just want to know how it feels to grow up in Ohio, may I suggest the above? This is the pdf of my free chapbook put out by Uncanny Valley Press, with illustrations by Mike Meginnis. The online version is here. You can also download the ebook at Goodreads.

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Short Story Month: A Recommendation to Visit The Brewsters

So pleased to see that Erin Pringle-Toungate, author of The Floating Order, highlighted my story, “The Brewsters” as one of her Short Story Month picks.

The image she Erin uses is “Room with a View” by Rick Kempel, used under CC license–and it’s the featured image for this post.

The story first appeared in Rae Bryant’s Moon Milk Review, and then it was included in Curio, where it was accompanied by this illustration by Mike Meginnis:

They both come damn close to what I was thinking.

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