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Staycation Writing Diary: Day Five & Six

oops, missed a day. I did write another scene yesterday, and I hope to today. A scene a day is good, ya? anyway I had an excuse for skipping a blog day. Yesterday was awesome for two writers I LOVE: Erin Fitzgerald and Mike Meginnis. First, Outpost19 announced that they are kicking off their novella series with Erin’s valletta78. Second, the kindle version of Mike’s novel, Fat Man and Little Boy, cracked the Top 100 paid list. So–both events are picmonkey worthy: vallettafm I was privileged to read Erin’s novella in its draft form, and I PROMISE you will love it. Let’s just say it hits you in your cruddy little interweb heartlap.  I think the release date will be in December. Mike is the Ed in Chief of Uncanny Valley Press, he not only published my collection Curio, he illustrated it as well. FMLB is a stunning, prize-winning work of historical magical realism, and it’s wonderful to see that it’s enjoying a long life on the charts.

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Postcard Stories!

Jen Michalski’s next book, From Herewill be released at the end of September, and by way of pre-celebration she invited a few of her writer friends to create <500 stories inspired by postcards to be featured on the Atticus Books blog zine Atticus Review.  I contributed one of the stories, “Lily, OH,” and my fellow contributors include Erin Fitzgerald, Joseph Young, Timmy Reed, and Judith Krummeck.  All the stories are great, but this one, by Jen herself, made me super happy: “The Boy and Girl Detectives of Albany.”


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Last Saturday, April 5, was the day of Conversations and Connections in DC. C & C is a one day writers’ conference with a minimum level of bullshit–no one there trying to pitch the one size fits all platform, etc. I directed a panel on the how and why of the Flash Novella, with guests Erin Fitzgerald and Tara Laskowski, and it was very well attended. I got a little overexcited, and when I handed out a prompt list (15 sections in 15 weeks), I promised everyone in the room that if they tried the FN and sent me their draft in August, I would read it or find someone else who would. Wonder if anyone will take me up on that . . .

I attended the crime writing panel–low turn out for that one because it was up against a “what editors want” session–and I’m really glad I did. Nick Korpon, Art Taylor, Steve Weddle, and Tara Laskowski had a great conversation about the state of crime fiction, confirming some of my own experiences. I’m finding writing with the knowledge that I am operating firmly within the genre is delightful. And natural, dammit.  Hot tip from the panel: agents troll crime mags to find new clients. That there is news you can use.

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The Wigleaf Top 50 & Longlist for 2012

Finally, the Top 50 its Longlist went live yesterday, and I couldn’t be prouder of the result and the team that made the decisions this year. BIG thanks to Danielle Evans (author of the multi award winning collection, BEFORE YOU SUFFOCATE YOUR OWN FOOL SELF) for choosing our toppers, and super thanks to the Dream Team of Sean Lovelace, Erin Fitzgerald, Mel Bosworth, Katrina Denza, Shome Dasgupta, Tawnysha Greene, Marcelle Heath, and of course the chief dreamer, Scott Garson.

My job as Series Editor boiled down to cat herding, a task that I am happily handing off to Erin Fitzgerald for the next go ’round. I’ve been involved with the Top 50 for a couple of years now, and I kinda want to get back into contender-mode. Or is it contender-mood?


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“A Rubblestone Tower Mystery” — a collaboration with Erin Fitzgerald in Red Lightbulbs

The current issue Red Lightbulbs is live, and I’m thrilled that my collaboration with Erin Fitzgerald, “A Rubblestone Tower Mystery” has found a home at last. Believe me, this little story has been rejected by the best, and I admit, it’s a bit on the impenetrable side. Erin and I are both fond of British crime fiction, and this story is inspired by the Myra Hyndley/Ian Brady murders from the 60s. You remember Myra doncha?


I first started working on this idea as part of a graphics-oriented project with Cami Park and a few other brilliant women writers, but after she passed away, we discontinued the group collaboration, and it wasn’t until recently that I convinced Erin to have a go at my creepy fragments. I think the result is awesome. 


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