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Great Review for The Juliet; New FB Page; Big Week Ahead

Hi all–the old MacBook Pro up and died, so I went out and got one of those lovely new MacBooks–rose gold, 2 pounder. It came with an educator’s discount plus a pair of Beats headphones for free, so I’m having fun.

Jen Michalski posted a fantastic review of The Juliet up at her lit zine, JMWW. I love this bit:

Scott is at her best when she opens the doors of the institution and lets her crazies sprint out of the gate. No one is spared: semi-incestuous adult male twins (who in Scott’s late Victorian era are the equivalent of Steampunk bronys), 1970s rock star groupies, desert meth lab kingpins, turn-of-the century Gold Rush enthusiasts, Avon decanter collectors, and every half-screwed mayonnaise jar of schemer in between.

Jen’s own novel, The Tide King, was a big influence on The Juliet, so to see her kind words is very rewarding.

My Facebook Author page seems to be humming along, with more the 100 likes already. I was skeptical about an Author page separate from my personal page, but so far it has been super fun. I already over-do FB, so it’s nice to have another place to post stupid pics like this one:


That’s BooBooKitty. She’s horrible. She’s sitting on my new pink office chair (goes with the new laptop).

Finally, another heads up about the blog tour which launches TOMORROW. I’m so excited. I think this is the schedule:

Lovely Bookshelf http://www.lovelybookshelf.com 7/11/2016
Lectito http://lectito.me/ 7/12/2016
A Literary Vacation https://aliteraryvacation.blogspot.com/ 7/12/2016
Rainbow of Books https://rainbowofbooks.wordpress.com 7/13/2016
Alternating Current http://alt-current.blogspot.com/ 7/13/2016
Historical Fiction Excerpts http://historicalfictionexcerpts.blogspot.com/ 7/14/2016
The Book Wheel http://www.thebookwheelblog.com/ 7/14/2016
Grab the Lapels https://grabthelapels.com/ 7/15/2016
History from a Woman’s Perspective http://www.historywomanperspective.com/ 7/15/2016

Cheers! Have a peaceful Sunday–


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