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In one week I can take a bath

I have one more week of convalescence before I can get back to exercise and doing normal things bathing in a tub. I had not idea how much taking a bath meant to my peace of mind, or how crucial it was to my writing. I normally take a break for a quick bath if I’m a little stuck–I call it a thinking bath–and then get right back to writing. Showering is no good.

In the mean time, the blog tour has wrapped up, and I’m looking forward to supporting other writers for a while.I know it sounds weird, but it feels like my summer has just begun.

Last night we had more GPS adventures than we were prepared for as we headed out to Wonderland Ballroom to attend a Noir at the Bar event, hosted by E. A. Aymar. We missed the first set with Nik Korpon, but we saw the second which included Jen Michalski, and at the break we stepped out for some cool air before heading home. I’m not a huge fan of readings–either listening to them or presenting at them, but I have LOVED every Noir at the Bar event I’ve attended. The energy is super-ramped, and the stories are never boring or self-indulgent. Here’s the whole line-up from last night’s do:


Today I was inspired enough to finish a new short story that I’m calling “A Good Girl with a Hatchet,” adapted from sections of my New Royal Mystery novels, The Mean Bone in Her Body and The Orphans Court. Mean Bone is scheduled for release this year (fingers crossed), but Orphans Court is still in early draft phases. I did not extract sections of The Juliet and publish them as short stories, but I did for Death Wishing, and I realize I miss having fresh stories “out there” while I work on the long projects.


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How to enjoy a snow day

Let Trillian (rat-cha)  show you (if the vid doesn’t show, go here https://www.flickr.com/photos/128385930@N08/16576073996):

Looking forward to a snowbound writing day. Have an essay on #pitmad to finish, and I’m very excited by my latest novel project, which is already at a strong 25k words.This is the murder book that was supposed to be three novellas about a crime writing program in a small college town, but I liked the uneasy partnership between the two main characters of the first story so much, I decided I wanted to try to write more about them as the most dysfunctional sleuthing partners ever–an unethical true crime writer and her mentally unstable grad assistant. If I can keep the puppy happy and calm, I’d like to think I can push through to a readable full draft by June-July? I’d set my goal sooner, but April is effed by conferences, so I won’t get much done during that month, but all the f2f interaction with other writers is sure to fire up my competitive urges. Cheers!

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