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Staycation 2016: Day One

Sorry, that pic is a complete misrepresentation–it’s a chilly day in NoVa, and the forecast is gloomy for next week when we finally do get to the beach. That said, I’m having a great start to Staycation 2016. This morning I went to Panera, and our usual counterperson whipped out a copy of The Juliet for me to sign! She tried to impress the other workers with my “celebrity,” but they weren’t buying it, lol. Nevermind, it was a great boost as I get going for real on the second book in the New Royal series, working title: The Orphans Court. My research has already given me one of my timelines; while Orphans Courts are common in Pennsylvania and Delaware, Ohio only had these for a very short period, meaning my “Clerk” will be writing his log circa 1800. Not to give too much away, but the discovery of this log will send shockwaves through contemporary New Royal, Ohio.

Hello Whiteboard, my old friend . . .


I’m writing in “Statcation” mode again because last year’s Staycation was so successful for me in drafting The Mean Bone in Her Body, Book 1 of the New Royal Mysteries. Now all I need is energy and creativity!

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Staycation Writing Diary: Day Four

choices, choices. we’re eating at Damian Heath’s Lot 12 Public House tonight as the last event of Dean’s birthday week. We’ve purchased several creations by Heath’s parents, both of whom are local artists, so it seems right to try his food, especially since he’s becoming pretty famous.

We don’t take pictures of our meals (we get caught up in the excitement and forget), so here is a peek at the season’s entrees. I’m leaning towards the scallops or pasta. Dean will likely go for the shrimp & grits.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.21.17 PM


Today’s writing moved into a new and especially challenging section of the novel that involves going back in time to to when my victims were still alive. That’s definitely my weakness as a wannabe crime writer–I tend to objectify the victims in my drafting process, when I should really get closer to them.

I had not expected diversion, and it wreaks havoc with the structure I imagined, but the time is right to take the story–which has so far been controlled by amoral forces– to a different emotionality.



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Staycation Writing Diary: Day Three

We’ve changed scenery. We’re at the cabin in WV. Mind you this is not cheating; it’s still a staycation if you own the property. I think. And we are not alone. The gypsy moths got here first. Here they are lined up on the shed door in their little sleeping bags: IMG_0374 And yes, I wrote–doesn’t seem like it was good scene, but it was an important one.

Late added thought–I see that I’m logging scenes, not pages. That makes sense. Scene built fiction is my new religion.

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Staycation Writing Diary: Day One

The spring semester is OVER, which means I get a couple of weeks to myself. I have a goal of finishing the current novel project before summer ends, and I need these weeks to get back into the groove. Actually, my vacation started last Friday, but I spent the weekend on stalling activities like buying a yard sale rug for my home office, joining Sisters in Crime, and then deciding my friend needed to join, too. That sort of thing. Today should have been REAL DEAL DAY 1 (and it might still happen), but we had a new roof installed. So, hammering and barking all day. And now this blog entry.

I have a great scene to work on, because it needs to be turned into at least two scenes. The original scene was fun because it was set in a creepy Chicago hotel I know, but now it looks like I’ll have to take my characters from the hotel to Loyola’s Signal Transduction Institute–a place and field of research I know zip about.



image by cybertory

I am not superstitious, but character names and occupations come quickly to me, and I try not to mess with them. In this case, I wanted the new character to have an impressive affiliation, but the context was very cocktail party: “Dr. Blackwell is with the Signal Transduction Institute”–but, as with all draft details I plop in for casual ornamentation, this one came back to bite me. And quickly, too.

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