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The Juliet Blog Tour So Far

Hi all,
Yesterday was Day 1 of #TheJuletBlogTour, coordinated by Lori Hettler of The Next Best Book Blog fame. The first stop was at A Lovely Bookshelf, where I recommended a handful of crime novels set in the West, including works by Betty Webb, Nevada Barr, BK Loren, Laura Pritchett, and Carol O’Connell.

Then there was a surprise stop at A Critical Flame, where my long conversation with the wildly talented Amber Sparks was posted–we had a long ranging craft chat in May as part of CF’s Conversations series.

Today you can take a peek at my writing spaces (in VA and WV) at A Literary Vacation, and later in the day there should be a longer post about my evolving writing process over at Lectito.

Wowza, I can hardly keep up.

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Tomorrow! I’ll be reading at Kramerbooks with a lot of other Dames

So this is happening tomorrow night, and there’s a real possibility of poor weather (ice and snow). There’s also the possibility that I’ll be the substitute emcee. I don’t think I’ve ever hosted on this scale before, so I’m pretty excited/freaked out. As you can see, there is real marquee talent on the bill, so I’m thrilled to participate along with my good pals, Tara Laskowski and Amber Sparks.

I’ll be reading from my forthcoming novel, The Juliet, due out from Pandamoon Publishing sometime this year (fingers crossed). Since the novel covers a timeline of about 100 years or so, I’ll read two snippets: one set in the winter of 1907 in New York and another set in 2005 Death Valley, during the great wildflower bloom.

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Pre-order Heavy Feather Review 2.2

Heavy Feather Review just opened up pre-orders for their next volume.I have a long, 16 part story in the issue called “A Texas,” which is about dead adult siblings who have moved into their family’s vacation cottage in Aransas Bay. A section of “A Texas” called “Drag” appeared in Pank last November.

Here’s the HFR announcement, along with news that they will be moving to a quarterly format that will feature a chapbook contest for each go ’round. The first chapbook judge will be the amazing Amber Sparks:

HFR 2.2 (print)* is now available for preorder ($10) until July 1, 2013, when it will go on sale for $12. All preorders will receive the digital edition at no additional cost, and in the three formats that we make available: epub, mobi, and pdf.


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Melville House Presents

I’m pleased to announce the serialization of an anthology put together by Amber Sparks and Kevin Murphy: Their Peculiar Ambitions: Fourty-Four Stories about Our Fourty-Four Presidents.

That’s right–44 presidents by 44 writers,  and one of them is me (writer not president). I won’t tell which Prez I got just yet, but Steve Himmer scored Washington, and I do know who wrote about Obama. I know a few others, too.

Each Tuesday running up through the election Melville House will publish a new group of Presidents. My advice is that you  treat each installment like a news report, as if it were coming from Chuck Todd or Shepard Smith.

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