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Wish News: Giveaways

I’m giving away three copies of Death Wishing from my personal stash of print copies via Goodreads. If you are already a member, you should just have to follow the link. So far this is US/CA/GB/AU only.

I’m still working on a giveaway scheme related to this site, and that one will be more international, for sure.

Wish News: Be careful what you wish for

It was a sharp might made acrid from little saucers of untouched meat and milk left on stoops. Hopeful. Desperate. Maybe they’d come back.

–Victor Swaim, Cape & Corset Cleaner

At the beginning of Death Wishing, cancer has been wished away, but so have cats. Last Wednesday I took a five hour cross-country flight to read from my novel at  the legendary San Francisco bookstore, City Lights –dream come true that was also incredibly stressful; two hours before the reading, the house sitter called to tell us that when he arrived the back door was open and both of my young cats were AWOL, and that my friends were descending upon my house with floodlights (it was already night back home) and ladders (Charli cat was briefly spotted on the rooftop). The initial recovery efforts failed predictably, so we left the back door open and the cat carriers+food on the porch. My husband flew home the next day only to find both cats in the back bedroom.

Cats come back. Perhaps not to you, but to the place. Sometimes it is hard to believe and remember that.

Apparently, in Miranda July’s film called The Future, the cat narrator asks, “Have you ever been outside?”

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Wish News: Burning Questions

Tara Laskowski interviews me for Art & Literature, the literary blog of Raleigh’s Metro Magazine.

Wish News: Browse the Curio today

Because Trick or Treaters aren’t the only things that are short and creepy.

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Wish News: Kindle and kindness

The giveaway of the kindle version of Death Wishing ended on schedule. The price is now $4.99, and some really lovely reviews and comments are coming in. My favorite so far is this note, from writer/editor Jen Michalski’s blog:

It’s a fresh idea (“What if your most fervent wish could come true, and all you had to do was…die first.”) set in the always-randy and weird world of New Orleans, and I’d hack off my left arm for the ability to write Scott’s smart prose with my right. With the commercial fiction market often saturated with sameness, I’m always excited when I read something so completely bizarre and engrossing. Death Wishing, let’s get married. Although you’re so weirdly good and not presentable to my mother, we might have to elope instead.


Wish News: Death Wishing Kindle version is free right now

Thank you so much for your patient support.

Grab it while you can because who knows what will happen?


Wish News: Death Wishing is NOT free yet. This post is a LIE

Beginning tomorrow and ending October 25, the Kindle version of Death Wishing will be available for free download at Amazon.

After the 25th, it will be priced at $4.99.

“This is a terrific story, beautifully written, and completely enthralling.”—Dorothy Allison

“I admire the sentences, the clarity of mind, and characters who catch and keep our attention. Bob Dylan sings about a journey ‘all the way from New Orleans to Jerusalem…’ as way of apotheizing, scrutinizing, recognizing the world we live in. Laura Scott is on the way.”–Alan Cheuse, Song of Slaves in the Desert

“A story as hot, sticky, and dangerous as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, seen through an imagination as kaleidoscopic as Kelly Link’s.”–Steve Himmer, The Bee-Loud Glade

“Something hazy is happening in Fat City. Laura Ellen Scott dials up loads of laughs amid the local color and NOLA cuisine in this madcap romp of a novel where last wishes come true, Elvis is back under newly orange clouds, coffee cups are bottomless, and street punks wear capes.”–Richard Peabody, editor Gargoyle Magazine

Laura Ellen Scott’s short stories have appeared in Ploughshares, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Barrlehouse, and the Paycock Press anthology Gravity Dancers: Even More Fiction by Washington Area Women. Very active in the online and e-publishing movements, Laura Ellen Scott’s collection, Curio, was made available as an e-book from Uncanny Valley press earlier this year.She teaches fiction writing at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia.