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Postcard Stories!

Jen Michalski’s next book, From Herewill be released at the end of September, and by way of pre-celebration she invited a few of her writer friends to create <500 stories inspired by postcards to be featured on the Atticus Books blog zine Atticus Review.  I contributed one of the stories, “Lily, OH,” and my fellow contributors include Erin Fitzgerald, Joseph Young, Timmy Reed, and Judith Krummeck.  All the stories are great, but this one, by Jen herself, made me super happy: “The Boy and Girl Detectives of Albany.”


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A Picture of A Man With A Top Hat makes the Wigleaf Top 50

I should have posted this last week, so sorry for the “old” news, but I’m really happy to have clawed my way back into the Wigleaf Top 50 this year. Even though I only put out two eligible stories this year, the odds were with me. I couldn’t ask for a friendlier editorial board, and with Erin Fitzgerald running the show and Ben Loory starring as the marquee talent, it’s no surprise that the final lists–both the 50 and the longlist– tilt weird. Weird is good for me.



Smokelong Quarterly Anthology Book Launch Party!

To celebrate the recent publication of Smokelong’s The Best of the First 10 Years print anthology, I’ll be one of the readers tomorrow night at the always delightful One More Page Books.


(My SLQ story is not in the Anthology. Le sigh). There will be cake and wine.

When: 6 p.m., Saturday, April 26
Where: One More Page Books, Arlington, VA

The line-up–

Grant Bailie
Jeff Landon
Laura Ellen Scott
Art Taylor
Virgie Townsend
Brandon Wicks

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“A Picture Of A Man In A Top Hat”–New Story up at The Collagist #52

ImageSuper-duper happy to have made The Collagist with my story “A Picture of A Man in a Top Hat.” This is another paranoid and cranky ghostie. The title comes from the story of the ghost boy appearing in shots of Three Men and A Baby–


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The Autobiography of Agent Agent in Diorama Format at Monkeybicycle

I haven’t been writing much very short fiction lately, but I have been writing a lot of long fiction chopped up in to brief flashy sections like baby chapters. While finishing up my admin duties as series editor for the latest Wigleaf Top 50, I began to feel a pang of creative envy, so I said my wish out loud: next year I want to make the long list if at all possible. Almost immediately after that I dreamed most of “The Autobiography of Agent Agent in Diorama Format,” which is now up at one of my FAVORITE venues, Monkeybicycle.

I wrote it shortly after reading China Miéville’s The City and The City, but I don’t know if th influence is visible to anyone but me. I’ve always avoided writing stories with academics as characters (inside baseball and all that), but I’m working on a long story now that is a more traditional mystery that also uses a university setting. I started it after reading Steven Dobyns’ The Church of Dead Girls, and I think the connections (i.e. what I stole) will be more obvious.

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“Drag” in PANK


It’s been a great week for me so far. My story “Drag” is in the current issue of PANK. It’s actually a section from a longer story called “A Texas” which hasn’t been published yet. “A Texas” is about two dead adult siblings-Bonnie and Jack- who take over their family’s vacation cottage on Aransas Bay. They hook up with a wolfish loner named Tal who doesn’t know they are dead. In “Drag” they go fishing at night.

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Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons

October is usually Tara Laskowski Month, partly because her birthday falls on Halloween, a time of year everyone seems up for a lot of partying, probably to build up strength for the family time at the end of the year. Tara is the senior editor over at Smokelong Quarterly, and she and I work at the same university. This year, there’s extra Tara attention because her first book, the hilarious and wicked Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons has been released by Matter Press. Full of biting little mock essays about coping with one’s own dark weaknesses, Manners is a satire of self-help books, and you are going to love it. The delightful cover art is by Brandon Wicks. A book release party will be held at One More Page Books in Arlington, VA, Saturday October 27 at 5pm. OMP is a great store that also sells chocolate and wine. Come on out!

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