Half Way to #Bouchercon2016: Athens, Tennessee

Hey there! We’re road-tripping it to Bouchercon 2016, which takes place in New Orleans this year. Tonight we’re taking a rest in a Comfort Inn in Athens, Tennessee.  We got a late start this morning and unwisely stopped for lunch at a popular chain restaurant that specializes in country decor, but we’ll probably travel a lot more efficiently tomorrow.

I’ll be on a panel entitled “On the Other Side of the World” on Saturday at noon. The panel will be moderated  by Rochelle Staab, and it will feature  Sarah Smith,  Lisa Preston, and STEPH POST DAMMIT. Steph just happened to be the person who put The Juliet under the nose of my publisher, so I’m really looking forward to meeting her in person.

Speaking of The Juliet, Pandamoon Publishing will be offering it as a free download on Saturday, as a Bouchercon Special.

I’m a little too tire to be interesting right now, so I’ll just let Tennessee do the entertaining:


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