Staycation2016: Day Four (Top Secret Stuff plus Free Book Giveaway)

Well I did some writing today, but the big event was that today was the second giveaway event for the Kindle version of The Juliet. There are still a couple of hours to go, and we’re at the #10 spot in Historical Fiction>Mystery, Thriller, Suspense.  We started the day strong too, owing to the tireless efforts of Pandamoon Publishing’s publicist/authors, Elgon Williams and Christine Gabriel.

Elgon and I had a hoot of a conversation on Twitter about pinball, no less, and we came up with two TOP secrets about our writing–

one–I write pinball games that masquerade as novels.

two–Elgon thinks fantasy works best if there are no coincidences.

This stuff is gold, people.

In other news, I may be going stir crazy. I spent a lot of time on google street view today, clicking my way down Beach Access Road. Soon, Chincoteague, soon.

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