Staycation 2016: Day Three

Good day, good day. My work email seems to have slowed to a stop, thanks to the “artisanal advising” provided by my BRILLIANT assistant Michael, who is covering for me while I’m on vacation. go check out his movie review site Bad Shakespeare.  It’s in development, evolving from his original blog, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be BIG. Michael Bennett Hock is a renaissance man who does it all. His latest project is story work on freaking OPERA called “Do Not Disturb,” which will have a DC run in July.

I did write today, I swear. And it was fun.

Tomorrow will be another free day for the Kindle version of The Juliet. The May 10 free day was a delightful success, so I feel like anything that happens tomorrow is gravy. I did get a couple of family and friend types who wrote me to say, “No way, I’m BUYING my copy.” Which is hugely sweet, but I don’t need money from my loved ones, I need money from STRANGERS.  When you DL a free copy you boost the profile of the book, especially in terms of the amazon algorithm, and that’s very valuable down the line. In short, GET YOUR DAMN FREE BOOK AUNT DIANA.

Love y’all–LES



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