The Juliet is OUT, and the DC launch is TONIGHT

The Juliet was officially released yesterday, and today we brave 66 at rush hour so I can read at Upshur Street Books in DC with my good friend Art Taylor. Tonight’s event (7pm) was listed in Brightest Young Things calendar picks, so if we’re lucky we’ll draw a good crowd. That said, there are lots of literary events going on this week–ahead of the AWP conference in LA next week–so i’ll be happy if just a few good friends show up.  Plus–cake.

It’s a strange but delightful feeling to finally be able to promote and sell The Juliet. I started notes on the book back in 2012, and began writing with seriousness in late 2013. The book was submitted to Pandamoon and accepted in late 2014, so I’ve been nursing this baby snake a good long time.

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