The Juliet Pre-sale! –and a new rhythm for promotion

The Kindle version of The Juliet is live for presale, and things are hopping as we hustle to get the ARCs out to potential reviewers before the official pub date of March 22. We don’t have much time, but I’m finding that my karma is holding out, and people are being incredibly generous, especially as I’m asking for the impossible—blurbs before Friday. Simultaneously, we are in the final rounds of proofing, and even with five sets of eyes on the manuscript, there’s lots to correct and massage. Luckily, the editing team is a collaborative one, able to translate my MLA habits into CMS ones with nimble efficiency, and our conversations are as real-time as possible:

Z: Is “snorfling” even a word?

LES: I think so. This is from a veterinary site: Does your pet keep you up all night scratching and snorfling (chewing and sucking noise)?

I’ve also been very lucky in scoring events without a lot of lead-time—I’ll be doing two readings during my launch week. The first will be at DC’s Upshur Street Books on March 23, and the other will be at One More Page Books in Arlington, Virginia. Technically, these events and venues are close together, but the always congested I 66 is more like a moat than a highway, socially speaking.


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