Staycation Writing Diary: Day Nine

Not only did I miss day five of this thing, I did two day sevens. If I had gone on a real vacation, I’d be counting the days, the hours even, very carefully, savoring each one. We’re back in NoVa now. Today I was stuck on a scene, so I cheated on my novel with a gothic flash thingie, and that seemed to do the trick. It’s kind of tough working on a long, complicated plot because scenes have to surprise me.

It’s hard to concentrate when so many hard things are happening to people I care about, but those are not stories I can tell. Instead, I offer this comment from a listicle argument:

E***** M***** you’re an idiot if you think any of those pics were ponies, let alone Shetland ponies! They are mini horses do your research and STFU



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