Staycation Writing Diary: Day Five & Six

oops, missed a day. I did write another scene yesterday, and I hope to today. A scene a day is good, ya? anyway I had an excuse for skipping a blog day. Yesterday was awesome for two writers I LOVE: Erin Fitzgerald and Mike Meginnis. First, Outpost19 announced that they are kicking off their novella series with Erin’s valletta78. Second, the kindle version of Mike’s novel, Fat Man and Little Boy, cracked the Top 100 paid list. So–both events are picmonkey worthy: vallettafm I was privileged to read Erin’s novella in its draft form, and I PROMISE you will love it. Let’s just say it hits you in your cruddy little interweb heartlap.  I think the release date will be in December. Mike is the Ed in Chief of Uncanny Valley Press, he not only published my collection Curio, he illustrated it as well. FMLB is a stunning, prize-winning work of historical magical realism, and it’s wonderful to see that it’s enjoying a long life on the charts.

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