Staycation Writing Diary: Day Two

New roof was installed yesterday. Dead bees are falling out of the attic into my home office today.

There’s anew bagger at our grocery store. Tag says his name is Larry. He caressed our Klondike bars like the package was a dying cat. Larry’s got “management” written all over him.

I got FOUR scenes out of the one I thought i’d need to split in two. Chicago, rain, haunted hotel, etc. Plus I’m doing a great job of not answering my work email. Not doing as well at avoiding games or FB.

I’m nowhere near the end of the ms. I don’t know what the ending is going to be, either, but a friend just posted a Q on FB–possibly a facetious Q–asking whether anyone knew of any good essays or books about writing decent endings. Wow, what a question. Going to be worrying about that one for a while.

me today. publisher meeting online tonight. it’s good, it’s good.

Photo on 5-19-15 at 8.30 PM


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