Mysterious list

I found this in an unnamed folder. I think I was working through the category of “books that I feel weird about”

  1. Anne of Green Gables: because I didn’t know you could swap reading for sleep
  2. Mandingo: I guess it was a movie tie in. Perry King was on the cover and he hypnotized me. Jesus, they boil a guy
  3. Shibumi: I didn’t know it was a parody
  4. Our Bodies Ourselves: Most embarrassing birthday present ever. Pro-tip: Vag leads to Ute.
  5. Harrold Robbins books: I bought most of my books at the damned grocery store when I was 15. MESSED. UP.
  6. Tarantula, Kathy Acker. Recommended whisperly by the poet who taught research methods. I read it because I was afraid of him.
  7. A Tale of Two Men. Taylor Caldwell. Really hot scene of a guy touching a girl’s ankle.
  8. The Inheritors, Goldman. I was in a crosslisted course packed with athletes, given free range. Had no idea.
  9. The Girl With The Curious Hair. One day you will be adrift in an MFA program and A*** C***** will slide a book your way and say “you need to read this.”
  10. I bought your book at AWP to be polite.
  11. The Catalogue

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