You can’t put a price on Victory

My 6 yr old gosh daughter is headed toward her own little “Araby” moment this weekend; she’s piling up her quarters and dollars so she can spend money at a small town fall festival, and I admit I’ve been whispering in her ear about it. She’s already announced to her folks that what she might buy is none of their business, and btw, don’t they owe her money for chores? She was supposed to sweep the porch for $4 (I can only assume that was the total cash on hand), but later when her mother accidentally said $5, the GD corrected her: “No, it’s 4,” and we all chuckled at her negotiating skills. In hindsight, considering the little girl’s death grip on her autonomy, maybe it wasn’t a misstep. Maybe it was worth the dollar to be right.


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