Summer Project: Murder Book

Writing a set of linked novellas set in a college/prison town. This is the jacket description I came up with for a true crime book written by my main character in the 80s:

Misadventure: The Swea’Pea Murders of the Bristol-Collum Asylum, by Elizabeth Mugatroyd

In 1843 the Bristol-Collum Charitable Society sent two dozen London born infants to a countryside orphanage known as Darkers Farm, formerly a refuge for deranged girls deemed too unstable for the workhouse. Those girls became women in their sorority of madness, forced to care for the orphan babes until one by one each child fell prey to fatal accidents, illnesses, and mysterious circumstances that defied explanation. 

Using Scrivener for the first time. It lets you goof off like this.


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One thought on “Summer Project: Murder Book

  1. asadamraee says:

    I read your works and I like A Picture of A Man in Top Hat chosen by Ben Loory. I am translator of Ben Loory’s book into Farsi.

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