Pre-order Heavy Feather Review 2.2

Heavy Feather Review just opened up pre-orders for their next volume.I have a long, 16 part story in the issue called “A Texas,” which is about dead adult siblings who have moved into their family’s vacation cottage in Aransas Bay. A section of “A Texas” called “Drag” appeared in Pank last November.

Here’s the HFR announcement, along with news that they will be moving to a quarterly format that will feature a chapbook contest for each go ’round. The first chapbook judge will be the amazing Amber Sparks:

HFR 2.2 (print)* is now available for preorder ($10) until July 1, 2013, when it will go on sale for $12. All preorders will receive the digital edition at no additional cost, and in the three formats that we make available: epub, mobi, and pdf.


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