Paul Laudiero’s ‘Shit Rough Drafts’ tumblr to become a book in 2014

He entered the Chronicle Books’ Great Tumblr  Book Search, hoping to win $100 worth of prizes and ended up with a book deal. They are expecting initial sales in the tens of thousands, and Chronicle is the only press with a dedicated rack display at Urban Outfitters.

Paul is my former student, set to graduate this May, and while other Seniors in the humanities worry about what lies ahead, Paul has brought everything he loves together–literature, writing, and comedy–to give one hell of an answer to that most annoying question of all: what are you going to do with a degree in English? True, we can’t all answer the same way, but Paul’s achievement is a manifest model of how this education-vision-vocation thing is supposed to work.

The book is due out in Spring 2014. The tumblr is here.

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One thought on “Paul Laudiero’s ‘Shit Rough Drafts’ tumblr to become a book in 2014

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    One of GMU’s amazing undergraduate creative writers makes it big:

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