“A Rubblestone Tower Mystery” — a collaboration with Erin Fitzgerald in Red Lightbulbs

The current issue Red Lightbulbs is live, and I’m thrilled that my collaboration with Erin Fitzgerald, “A Rubblestone Tower Mystery” has found a home at last. Believe me, this little story has been rejected by the best, and I admit, it’s a bit on the impenetrable side. Erin and I are both fond of British crime fiction, and this story is inspired by the Myra Hyndley/Ian Brady murders from the 60s. You remember Myra doncha?


I first started working on this idea as part of a graphics-oriented project with Cami Park and a few other brilliant women writers, but after she passed away, we discontinued the group collaboration, and it wasn’t until recently that I convinced Erin to have a go at my creepy fragments. I think the result is awesome. 


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