Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons

October is usually Tara Laskowski Month, partly because her birthday falls on Halloween, a time of year everyone seems up for a lot of partying, probably to build up strength for the family time at the end of the year. Tara is the senior editor over at Smokelong Quarterly, and she and I work at the same university. This year, there’s extra Tara attention because her first book, the hilarious and wicked Modern Manners For Your Inner Demons has been released by Matter Press. Full of biting little mock essays about coping with one’s own dark weaknesses, Manners is a satire of self-help books, and you are going to love it. The delightful cover art is by Brandon Wicks. A book release party will be held at One More Page Books in Arlington, VA, Saturday October 27 at 5pm. OMP is a great store that also sells chocolate and wine. Come on out!

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