“A Truant in the Stacks”

Author Erin Pringle-Toungate invited me to participate in her blog’s Summer Library Series in which authors remember their most important library experiences growing up. I wrote about ditching school to go to the library at Kent State University.

In the past I’ve talked about my squirmy feelings with regard to brick-and-mortar book delivery systems, but my appreciation of libraries and librarians is completely uncomplicated. The library is the most important of community supported institutions.

I chatted briefly with my mom about her own access to libraries growing up. Brimfield, Ohio is a small, small town without a library other than the ones in the public schools. When she was a kid she had to rely on  a lady who set aside a room in her home as a lending library. Every few weeks something like a bookmobile would come by and exchange the current books with a new set. That lady deserves a medal.


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