Wish # 38: Myfanwy Collins

I wish we would all stay just as we are this very moment and never be ill and never be weak and never die. Basically, my childhood wish remains the same. I would lie in bed and wish that my parents would never die and that they would never leave me. But they are dead now and have been for some time. Now I am the parent and yet my wish remains the same: that we stay as we are: safe and loved and protected. But someday I will die and when that happens years and years and years from now, I wish that I would be my son’s Jiminy Cricket, there when he needs me to remind him of what is good in the world, of what is beautiful, and what is right.
Myfanwy Collins lives and writes in Byfield, MA. Her novel ECHOLOCATION  is forthcoming in March 2012. Please visit her author website.

7 thoughts on “Wish # 38: Myfanwy Collins

  1. Katrina Denza says:

    Love this.

  2. Just noticed that I employ a double colon in one sentence. Am pretty sure that is illegal in some states.

  3. Ellen Parker says:

    Oh, god, this sort of makes me cry. You’re totally speaking to me here.

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