Wish # 21: Gabe

Should I be granted an apology for the inconvenience of dying via the form of a world-altering wish, mine would be the complete removal of religion. Not by force, or any one “winning” over another, just to have it simply vanish from the minds of all people. As if it never happened. The results would be interesting, I’m sure. While it will not resolve all problems (since we will always find something to fight over), I feel when we are encouraged to think for ourselves, great things happen.

However, if that wish is unavailable, then I would request that Cthulhu rise and send the world into a spiraling madness. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


Gabe lives somewhere in a sea of craft beers. When not consuming his surroundings, he sometimes pretends to know how to play music with a couple of like-minded fellow known as “Machine Chop Inc.” (in Richmond, VA).. what the hell does that mean anyway? No one knows, least of all, he.


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