Wish # 13: Dan Cafaro

I wish that every person on earth had the power to receive one mulligan once a day.  The daily do-over could be applied to any asinine decision you made during the course of your day, be it a criminal act, a stupid remark, a poor line choice at the supermarket, you name it.  Like the handyman ads say, there would be no decision reversal too small or big.  I’m sure there are many loopholes that devious slackers and the criminally insane could exploit here, such as the decision to go to work or simply rise out of bed each morning. But on the whole, I’d say the Mulligan Rule would make for fewer accidents, stupid arguments, domestic disputes, and perhaps, if they played their cards right, this wish could even result in a world championship for the Chicago Cubs.


Dan Cafaro is the Founder and Publisher of Atticus Books and Atticus Review.


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