Wish # 6: G. Walker

My wish is pretty straightforward: do you guys know that book that came out a few years ago that all we lefty people were reading, The World Without Us? Basically, that’s my favorite book.  I wish trees would start growing inside buildings, the subways would flood, and birds, sharks, ants, jellyfish, tigers, and lizards would take over the planet.  So, yeah, I would have to die for this wish to come true, but so would the rest of you.  If it makes you feel any better, I also wish that those of you who are peaceful, interesting,or just generally fun could turn into birds and we could all fly around chasing each other through decrepit, mossy skyscrapers.  Another good point that should be taken into consideration with this wish is that if we were all birds, and all the humans were gone, we could fly anywhere we wanted to go whenever we wanted to go there.  Want to go to Bermuda and splash around on a pink sand beach? Fly there.  Want to go hangout and bask under some midnight sun on the Alaskan tundra? Get flapping!Without humans, we wouldn’t have to worry about all the things most birds have to deal with these days, like getting sucked into airplane motors,having our heads chopped off by wind turbines, or crashing into mirrored high-rise windows.  In conclusion, everything would be awesome if,first, humans all died and, second, we were all birds.


G. Walker is an Alaskan writer living in Richmond, Virginia, where she is ruled over by two parakeets and a cockatiel. Her work has been published in Five Points, Phoebe, Bird Watcher’s Digest, and online at Xenith.net


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