Wish # 5: Jeffrey Giorgi

Well let’s hope for lucidity as I reach my final moments, lest we find ourselves with a bit of a Rosebud situation.  It’s so easy right now to think about making such a monumental decision, zero pressure, no real knowledge of how much sand is left in my hour glass.  I can just sit here and think as I type this about whatever impact I wish to impart on this world in my final moment.  There is a selfish part of me that simply wishes to always be remembered, but alas I can not bring myself to call that my dying wish.  Instead I think that I would wish for everyone I loved, or cared about in any remote fashion would carry on with adventure filled lives, with excitement and passion awaiting them everyday they chose to seek it.  Who knows maybe in those moments they’d think of me anyways, and then I’d get two wishes.


Jeffrey Giorgi is a prior member of the United States Navy, where he served four years of active duty before beginning down the path to his bachelors degree.  He’s currently finishing his final year at George Mason University where he studies English and journalism.  He’s also the opinion editor for Broadside, the paper at GMU.


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