Wish # 4: Steve Himmer

Knowing myself, it’s likely that given the opportunity I’d end up wishing for nothing, too paralyzed by waffling and worrying about unintended consequences right up until I’d already passed. Whoops. But if I were somehow able to manage a wish, it would be for everyone in the world to be fluent in all known languages. That seems much more interesting than if everyone spoke the same language, and I can only imagine the possibilities if we could always read whatever we wanted, and talk to anyone we met without barriers of language, without necessarily losing the identity of speaking our own.


Steve Himmer is the author of The Bee-Loud Glade, a novel that apparently goes well with Tina Fey’s Bossypants, according to Amazon. Steve’s also the visionary ed-in-chief of Necessary Fiction. He has long hair, digs bears, and he let LES write this bio.


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